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Zoo Babies

Zoo Babies

This heart-warming series welcomes brand new members of the animal kingdom into zoos and wildlife parks around the globe; it includes fascinating facts about the life cycles, eating habits and natural habitats of irresistible creatures of all shapes and sizes from every continent and is certain to delight young children.


Produced by Switch International

Up-Res HD format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC


13 x 25 minutes / URHD


1. Lions; Pandas; Tapiers; Hippos; Puma; Komodo Dragon

2. Bull Elephants; Zebras; Leopards; Koalas; Chimpanzees

3. Gorillas; Flamingos; Koalas; Cobras; Anteater; Jaguars

4. Leopards; Bison; Tibetan Wolf; Hippos; White Tiger

5. African Elephants; Reptiles; Cows and Calves; Mouflon Lamb

6. Fur Seals; Penguins; African Dogs; Fish; Octopus

7. Liger; Bears; Zebras; White Tiger Cubs; Bengal Tigers; Wallabies

8. Baby Anteater; Otters; Parakeets; Sea Turtles; Llamas

9. Turtle Collection; Vulture; Peacocks; Eagle Owl; Baboons; Baby Fox

10. Sumatran Tiger Cubs; Giraffes; Iguanas; Pythons; Sea Lions

11. Turtle Babies; Ostriches; Orangutans; Monkeys; Killer Whales

12. Baby Koala; Mandrill Monkeys; Lion Cubs; Bear Cubs

13. Golden Monkeys; Red Lemurs; Eagle; Gorilla; Giant Panda

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