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Unseen Florida

Unseen Florida

Emmy Award Winner!


Famous for having over 800 miles of sandy beaches, Florida is also a land filled with an amazing tropical environment and unique wildlife. This award-winning collection of documentaries captures the often-unseen natural wonders of Florida through the eyes of acclaimed cinematographer, Elam Stoltzfus.


Produced by Live Oak Production Group


10 x 45 minutes / HD


1. Southwest Florida’s Mangrove Coast

2. Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken Circles

3. Coastal Dune Lakes: Jewels of Florida’s Emerald Coast

4. Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition: Everglades to Okefenokee

5. Kissimmee Basin: The Northern Everglades

6. Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades

7. Apalachicola River: An American Treasure

8. Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida

9. Unseen Florida: Director's Cut 1

10. Unseen Florida: Director's Cut 2

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