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Touch the Sun

Touch the Sun

This popular, classic collection offers stories of mystery and fantasy, complete with humor and sadness, which explore issues that young people face, such as growing up, being different, resolving conflict and fears, seeking identity, and establishing values.


Produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation

Up-Res HD format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC


24 x 22 minutes / URHD


Disc 1:

  • Princess Kate (Parts 1-4)
  • Devil's Hill (Parts 1-2)

Disc 2:

  • Devil's Hill (Parts 3-4)
  • Peter & Pompey (Parts 1-4)

Disc 3:

  • The Gift (Parts 1-4)
  • Top Enders (Parts 1-2)

Disc 4:

  • Top Enders (Parts 3-4)
  • Captain Johnno (Parts 1-4)
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