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The Amazing World of Aviation

The Amazing World of Aviation

This series takes viewers back to the beginning of flight up through its entire history as an amazing growing industry from modern-day plans, such as Boeing's 787, and future plans to thrust commercial aviation travel into space.


Produced by Switch International

Up-Res HD Format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC


13 x 60 minutes / URHD


1. The Beginnings of Flight

2. The First Decades of Aviation

3. Aeronautical Technology Takes Off

4. Aviation Goes Commercial

5. Seaplanes Cross the Oceans

6. The History of the Jet Age

7. The Jet Age Takes Off

8. The Growth of Airports

9. Flying at the Speed of Sound - the Concorde

10. Boeing's First Great Success - the 737

11.The Success of Twin-Engine Aircraft

12. The Boeing 787 - A Revelation in Air Travel

13. Next Stop for the Aviation Industry - Space!

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