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Sky Trackers

Sky Trackers

Interest in space travel and exploration continues to expand and underscores the relevance of this award-winning series for children and teens, which has been digitally re-mastered on the 25th Anniversary of its first release. We meet Mike Masters (Zbych Trofimiuk) and Nikki Colbert (Petra Jared), whose parents, Tony (Steve Jacobs) and Marie (Anna-Maria Monticelli), respectively, are scientists. Both families live beneath a massive, gleaming, white dish of a space-tracking station, located in the heart of the Australian Outback, which is the perfect setting for the adventure-seeking sky trackers to observe stars, planets, meteorites, comets, and the Southern Lights or to look for UFOs and Extra Terrestrials.


Produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation

Up-Res HD Format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC


26 x 22 minutes / URHD


1. Skating the Dish

2. Meteor Rights

3. The Beast

4. Tell Someone Who Cares

5. The Big Skip

6. Goddess of the Dawn

7. Dead Ducks

8. Is There Life on Earth?

9. Letting Go

10. To Tell or Not to Tell

11. Kiss the Sky

12. Can't Buy Me Love

13. Rocket to Me

14. Aliens

15. Trees a Crowd

16. Ice Balls

17. Long Distance Call

18. Star Time

19. Secrets

20. The Wish Star

21. Origins

22. Penguin Point

23. The Black Prince

24. Wow

25. Precious Days

26. Do or Die

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