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Funny Farm: A Visit With Animals

Funny Farm: A Visit With Animals

Shot on-location at a rustic farm, each program features children interacting with animals in a fun and engaging way.


Released in association with CCI, Releasing, Inc.

Up-Res HD format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC


8 x 30 minutes / URHD


1. Amphibian, Arthropod and Rodents

2. Birds (Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Swan, Goose)

3. Farm Animals (Pig, Goat, Rooster, Sheep, Cow)

4. Forest Animals (Deer, Raccoon, Squirrel, Skunk, Hedgehog)

5. International Animals (Llama, Yak, Camel, Zebra, Emu)

6. Mammals with Hooves (Horse, Pony, Donkey, Mule, Ox)

7. Pets (Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Parakeet and Parrot)

8. Reptiles (Alligator, Snake, Turtle, Iguana) and Fish

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