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Escape From Jupiter

Escape From Jupiter

When a volcanic eruption destroys the mining colony on Jupiter's moon, Io, Michael (Daniel Taylor), Kumiko (Anna Choy), Kingston (Abe Forsythe), Anna (Robyn MacKenzie), and Gerard (Justin Rosniak) and their parents must flee their crumbling world. The colonists convert a derelict space station into a makeshift spacecraft and start their desperate attempt to reach Earth. Facing a perilous journey, they cast aside their differences and share the hazards of existence on board the unlikely craft and develop a close bond of friendship as they strive to survive.


Produced by Film Australia & NHK

Up-Res HD Format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC


26 x 30 minutes / URHD


Season 1:

1. Disaster

2. Trapped

3. Life Boat

4. In the Nick of Time

5. Blast Off

6. Temporary Relief

7. Stake Out

8. Fitness Test

9. Asteroids

10. Christmas

11. Decoy

12. Misfire

13. Rescue


Season 2:

1. Shipwreck

2. Quarantine

3. Stowaway

4. Rescue

5. Demons

6. Moonlighting

7. Hackers

8. Jettison

9. Virtual Trust

10. Ghosts

11. Comet

12. Space Pirates

13. Terminex

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