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Crash Zone

Crash Zone

Best of Festival Award - Golden Chests International Festival
Honorable Mention - The Chris Awards


This highly-imaginative, live-action series takes place back when things were just beginning to take off worldwide with the Internet, the video game industry and artificial intelligence. It features Mike Hansen (Nikolai Nikolaeff), Alison "Pi" Renfrey (Cassandra Magrath), Marcello Di Campili (Paul Pantano), Rebecca "Bec" Chan (Frances Wang) and Abraham "Ram" Foley (Damien Bodie) - five smart, creative, hi-tech, high school students, who are hired by the president of a software company to help her struggling business. But they soon learn, it's not just their computer skills that are being tested - loyalties, friendships and values are also on the line in the funny, compelling world that is the Crash Zone.


Produced by the Australian Children's Television Foundation

Up-Res HD format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC


26 x 30 minutes / URHD


Season 1:

1. The Dream Team

2. Identity Crisis

3. Undercover

4. Big Business

5. It's Only Words

6. Secrets and Lies

7. Truth Hurts

8. No News is Good News

9. Birthday

10. Leap of Faith

11. Heroes

12. The Shadow

13. The Outsider


Season 2:

1. Something New

2. It's an Art

3. Free Stuff

4. Solidarity

5. Games People Play

6. Your Cheating Heart

7. Basketball Diaries

8. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

9. Sabretooth

10. Walkabout

11. Men in Khaki

12. Skin Deep

13. Rear Windows

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