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Two collections of unique and insightful biographies on admired artists who have made important contributions to the world of art. We are treated to viewing completed art or art being created as the artists offer personal perspectives about their art.

Versions Available:

  • 29 x 30 minutes / HD & URHD

  • 1 x 30 minutes / URHD [ES]

The Artists Circle



12 x 30 minutes / HD

1. Herbert Creecy: Celebrating His Life and Art

2. Rodney Dickson: Along the Edge

3. Michael Goldberg: In the Bowery Studio

4. Ethan Lefkowitz: My Art Has a Message

5. Garry Nichols: The Amazon Drawings

6. Pat Passlof: Unexpected Conversation

7. Larry Poons: Master Painter

8. Peter Reginato: No Hesitation

9. Paul Resika: 8 Decades

10. Roland Salazar Rose: Four Seasons of the Master Myth

11. Roland Salazar Rose: Solar Flares & Salazar - An Art/Science Collaboration

12. William Tucker: With My Hand


17 x 30 minutes / URHD

Episode 14 available in Spanish

1. A. R. Mitchell's West

2. Robert Davidson: The Eagle Soars

3. Rita Blitt: Moving in Space

4. Carole A. Feuerman

5. Michael Earney: The Utilitarian Artist

6. Pierre Henri Matisse: The Art of Paper Cuts

7. Edna Hibel: A Personal Portrait

8. Walt Owen

9. Sybil Andrews: The Art of Linocut

10. Michael Cardew: Master Potter

11. Myke Morton

12. Arthur Griffin: In Focus - A Celebration of Photography

13. The Ceramic Art of the Natzlers

14. Antonio Saura: Sauragrams [ES]

15. Clerio DeMoraes: Painting the Unconscious

16. Makoto Fujimura: Talk to Me About Art

17. Joanna Tully: Talk to Me About Photography

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