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This exciting, factual reality series captures the drama of dangerous mountain rescue experiences in the Dolomites mountain range in the Italian Alps. Season 1 is comprised of action-packed stories of two elite corps of Mountain Rescue, who in Season 2 are joined by Rescue Dog Core, Alpine Rescue Divers and Rescue Helicopter. 

Produced by Formasette

Versions Available:

  • Season 1: 6 x 30 minutes / HD (English Dubbed or Subtitled)

  • Season 2: 6 x 45 minutes / 4K (English Dubbed or Subtitled)

Mountain Heroes



6 x 30 minutes / HD

1. The King of the Summit

2. A Rescue of Other Times

3. A Hard Lesson

4. A Day of Ordinary Madness

5. The Waltz of Misunderstandings

6. Panic at High Altitude


6 x 45 minutes / 4K

1. On the Wings of the Wind

2. Blood and Rock

3. Vertigo

4. When Darkness Falls

5. The Woods Are Not What They Seem

6. An Infinite Marathon

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