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The Wrestling With Ghosts team applies its unique technique for generating paranormal evidence, which they call "The Charge," by inviting spirits to "come play" with them; they incorporate technology and get help from friends, including Rock N Roller and spiritual empath, Kandi Thompson, as they investigate America's little-known haunts.

STARRING: Vinnie Vineyard (The Hike), Kandi Thompson (The Hike), Luke Walker (Nashville), Travis Graves (Haunted Graves)

Produced by Big N Funky Productions

Versions available:

  • 12 x 22 mins / HD

Wrestling With Ghosts



1. The Rabbitman Cometh (Part 1)

2. The Rabbitman Cometh (Part 2)

3. Drag Me To Jail (Part 1)

4. Drag Me To Jail (Part 2)

5. One Fish, Boo Fish

6. They Died With Their Boos On

7. Be Ghoul to Your Schuel

8. Darkside of the Moonshine (Part 1)

9. Darkside of the Moonshine (Part 2)

10. Spearfinger

11. The Causey Light

12. The Devil's Cemetery

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