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A collection of worldwide adventures by acclaimed travelers who personally retell their cinematic ventures of discovery.

Versions Available:

TV Version: 39 x 30 minutes / HD & URHD

TV Version: 13 x 60 minutes / HD & URHD

Documentary Version: 13 x 60-80 minutes / HD & URHD

Ventures of Discovery Poster



1. America's Grand Canyon Naitonal Park

2. Beneath the Jungle and Beyond: Central America

3. Bhutan: The Cloud Kingdom

4. China Rising

5. England: Journey Through the Heart of England

6. England: The River Thames

7. The Lure of Alaska

8. Mexico: Treasures of the Sierra Madre

9. The Netherlands: Discovering the Dutch

10. Texas: Trails and Tales

11. USA: Rediscovering the Old Spanish Trail

12. Venture to Alaska

13. Worlds of the Maya: Belize & Guatemala

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