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This collection of how-to programs invites all who are aspiring to become artists to enter the Artists Workshop where artists share their years of expertise and love for art by offering hands-on guidance to a variety of arts.

Versions Available:

  • TV Version: 9 x 30 minutes / URHD

  • Documentary Version: 6 x 30 - 60 minutes / URHD

The Artists Workshop



1. Becoming a Watercolor Artist 1

2. Becoming a Watercolor Artist 2

3. Brush Dance with Xiao Kejia: Chinese Calligraphy

4. Painting Animals: Painting Horses in Watercolor

5. Painting From the Source 1

6. Painting From the Source 2

7. Cartooning and Caricature 1: Heads

8. Cartooning and Caricature 2: Figures

9. Papermaking: Paper Pulp as an Art Form

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