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A select group of programs that concentrate on positive uses of Sign Language.

The inspirational story of twelve deaf students who are members of a performance troupe called, "Vibrations." Combining American Sign Language (ASL) with dancing, they perform vaudeville, poetry and pop songs, all while promoting their belief that Deaf people can do everything that hearing people can, except hear.

Produced by Paul Symons, Keaton Wooden and WIPB

Shape Up and Sign: Numbers and the Alphabet
Gina Oliva, Rick Baldi and Linda Crider work with a group of deaf and hearing children to participate in a complete aerobic exercise workout in which they learn how to sign Numbers and the Alphabet.

Produced by Gallaudet University / Phys. Ed Dept.

Fingers That Tickle and Delight
Wearing her trademark toga in this memorable documentary, Evelyn Zola, known as "America's First Lady of Deaf Senior Citizens," presents personal recollections, as well as deaf humor, to provide insight from her perspective as a deaf adult.

Produced by Elizabeth Sher

Up-Res HD format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC

Versions Available:

  • 3 x 30 minutes / HD & URHD

Sign Language Studies



1. Vibrations

2. Shape Up and Sign: Numbers and the Alphabet

3. Fingers That Tickle and Delight

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