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Two documentaries that offer personal perspectives on gay and lesbian topics.

Shades of Gay
Step out of the light and into the Shades of Gay. Featuring eighteen LGBTQ+ individuals and six professional counselors - including Lynn J. Friedman, Susan I. Josephson, Mindy Milam, Rebecca Stilling, Karen Weissbecker, and Rev. Grant E. Storms - this documentary seeks to educate people about openness, acceptance, and understanding, a seminal part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Produced by Mark Morris Productions.

We Do
This sensitive documentary reveals the stories of three same-sex couples, their journeys for legal recognition of their relationships, and the impact that the pursuit of marriage equality has had on their lives before and after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Produced by Rebecca Rice.

Versions Available:

  • 4 x 30 minutes / HD

  • 2 x 60 minutes / HD

LGBTQ+ Studies



1. Shades of Gay

2. We Do

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