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This collection of classic documentaries is beloved for having recorded deeply-rooted Hispanic (Chicano/Chicana - Latino/Latina) traditions which continue to be passed on to new generations.

Produced by Michael Earney and Jack Parsons.
Produced by Joseph Tovares and Felicia Kongable.*

Up-Res HD format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC

Hispanic Lifeways



1. Folklorico (Music and Dance Traditions) [30 min]*

2. La Musica de la Gente (The Music of the People) [30 min]

3. La Musica de los Viejos (The Music of the Old Ones) [30 min]

4. Rio Grande [60 min]

5. Los Santeros (The Saint Carvers) [30 min]

6. Los Tejedores (The Weavers) [30 min]

7. Tinwork of New Mexico & La Acequia (The Irrigation Ditch) [30 min]

8. Luisa Torres [60 min]

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