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<h2 class="font_2" style="text-align: center">CONVERSATIONS WITH... FILM &amp; TV CELEBRITIES</h2>

From the "Conversations With... Series," this collection of programs features nostalgic conversations with a celebrated group of film and television celebrities.

Produced by the College of Santa Fe

Up-Res HD format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC

Versions Available:

  • 11 x 30 minutes / URHD

Conversations with... Film & TV Celebrities Poster



1. Carol Burnett

2. Brian Dennehy

3. Chuck Jones

4. Michael Learned

5. Brooke Shields

6. Paul Junger Witt

7. Jo Harvey Allen

8. Joan Darling

9. Zanne Devine

10. Ralph Levy

11. Jimmy Lydon

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