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This collection of documentaries introduces us to a variety of adventure seekers who share their incredible stories. 

Verions Available:

  • 13 x 60 minutes / HD & URHD

Adventure Seekers



1. A Season to Remember

2. Chasing the White Air!

3. Hitchhiking to the Edge of Sanity

4. Huloo: The Remarkable Life of Loo-Chi Hu

5. Dive the Reef (In the Red Sea)

6. Scuba Diving: A World of Discovery

7. Wonders of the Sea

8. The Seeker

9. Australia: They "Shoot" Crocodiles, Don't They?

10. Australia's Great Barrier Reef: One Beautiful Day

11. Inside China: Off the Beaten Path

12. Switzerland: Round Trip - The Train Is My World

13. Hot Air Ballooning

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