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CINE Golden Eagle Award

This award-winning documentary offers a rare opportunity to view one of  America's finest artists,

Thomas Hart Benton, working on the final mural  he ever painted, "The Sources of Country Music." Thanks to the  cinematic touch of producer John Altman, viewers observe a unique,  over-the-shoulder look at a master at work; the painting, we see,  literally comes alive right before our eyes. Capturing a variety of  nearly life-sized figures and cultural influences on country music, the  six-by-ten foot painting also memorializes Tex Ritter as the singing  cowboy. Throughout the program we discover why Benton was a leader of  the American Regionalism art movement; his tenacity, his attention to  detail, were a part of every painting he worked on, even at 85. A  sensitive portrait of the man, we are privileged to see an artist who  mastered his craft and used his medium to bring America to life.

Produced by Master's Mark, Inc.

Up-Res HD format by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC

Versions Available:

  • 1 x 30 minutes/ URHD

Thomas Hart Benton: "The Sources of Country Music"
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