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Artist Roland Salazar Rose painted a series of 11 paintings in Mexico, called "Solar Flares," inspired by an 11-year cycle of solar flares that reached their maximum strength in 2011, when the sun erupted in numerous flares of highly-charged particles. This collection led to the artist working with a team of specialists to create an Art/Science Collaboration, which led to Chip Taylor Communications, LLC producing this HD version of the presentation.

Artist: Roland Salazar Rose

Writer/Research: John Ripton, PhD

Audio & Music by Duane Shimmel

Narrated by Eleanor Kipping

Digital Sky/Dark Matter Programming: Shawn Laatsch

Produced by Chip Taylor Communications, LLC

Co-Produced by Casey Daron

Versions Available:

  • 1 x 22 minutes / HD

Solar Flares and Salazar: An Art-Science Collaboration
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